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We are an Assisted Living residence located in the Arkansas River valley of Colorado

We can provide a secure and homelike environment for your loved ones who
may need the specific care required for Alzheimer's and other dementia illnesses


Forgetmenot Care Home Front View

 This page provides a quick tour of our facility. 

Please click on a thumbnail image to open a window with the full size image.

Front view of our house showing the parking area and front walk 

Front view

 This is the front entrance hall opening onto the family room, with the stairway to the office and our living quarters on the right

entrance hall

This is a view of the Family Room, looking West

family room

Our main floor kitchen, where the large meals are prepared


Our lower level kitchen, where food is prepped and  served for the lower level residents

Lower level kitchen

The main level Dining room

Dining Room

 View looking Southwest into the Living room.  This room has huge windows that provide an outstanding view of the   Arkansas River valley and the Wet Mountains

Living room from the east

View looking Southeast into the Living Room.  Also shows one of our feline assistants and the living room aquarium.

Living Room West

This is a view of half of a typical client bedroom.  Each bedroom can be either    single occupancy or set up for two residents, with two closets and two sets of clothes drawers (cats optional).


One of the services we offer residents is     in-house hair styling by a visiting stylist. 
We have a complete styling station for this purpose.

Styling station

One of our features that the residents really like is a walk-in bathtub with heated air jets

Bentley bath

Residents on the main level have unrestricted access to a large outdoor garden area with an Arbor for shade
during the summer

garden south

This is a closer view of the garden arbor
on the main level

garden arbor

This view is from the arbor looking back towards the house.  We grow both fresh vegetables/herbs for use        in the kitchen along with flowers.

garden north

Residents on the lower level have unrestricted access to a patio/garden area shaded by a group of aspen trees. 
We also have a couple of chickens for resident stimulation (and eggs).

lwr level garden east

Another view of the lower level patio area looking back towards the house

lwr level garden west

For more information about Alzheimers disease, we recommend

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